Friday Fives & Favorites

Happy Friday lovelies πŸ™‚ I have a full weekend ahead of photos & a work event and going to squeeze some time in with my boys in there somewhere. After this weekend I’m planning on taking a break and then getting my Christmas decor out soon!!! Woohoo!

1. I’ve been looking for some cross earrings for a while. Something simple and pretty. I found a pair at Gorjana-Griffin and I just love them!IMG_20131105_084022
2. Some girls on Twitter were talking about their favorite makeup finds. One of them mentioned LorealΒ Butterfly Effect mascara. It has amazing YouTube reviews….and I have to say I agree. It works really well!IMG_20131105_124029
3. My little monster boy. I love this new store by North East Mall called Five Below. It’s definitely a great place to find gifts, party supplies, and stocking stuffers. We got this hat there for $4.IMG_20131107_145127
4. Doesn’t Starbucks have the cutest gift cards this season? It’s a little red cup. Adorbs.IMG_20131110_114326
5. I had this fishing game when I was little and LOVED it! I got it for Connor and he’s been playing it ever since. It also teaches good hand/eye coordination skills.IMG_20131112_173840
EXTRA: I found these pens at Target. They are $3 and something and there is nothing better than a fine point gel pen. I think the brand is The Write Dudes.Β  Getcha some….they are awesome!IMG_20131114_160341
And last, but not least I declare Friday red cup day! I’m playing Christmas music and drinking my holiday beverage…..bring it! I’m so ready πŸ™‚ Happy weekend everyone!!!!IMG_20131115_102909
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