Cottonelle Helps Me “Slow My Roll” This Holiday Season #CottonelleHoliday

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I put up the Christmas tree this weekend.  That signifies that Christmas is right around the corner.  Friends and family will be coming in and out of our house.  I’m and OCD clean freak so I’m always trying to keep things looking tidy.  Of course it’s hard with a 3-year-old who is constantly leaving things all over the place!  My husband and I both work full-time and Connor is in school.  Between our normal everyday lives and the (lovely & fun) chaos that comes with the season, it’s all I can do to keep my head on straight!  Ha ha!

It’s the little things in life that I’ve come to appreciate.  When someone does a simple task without being asked……like…..putting the toilet paper back on the roll when it’s empty???  Can I get an amen?  Living with boys ain’t easy folks.  I think I’m the only person that EVER changes the toilet paper in our house.  When we have guests over one of the first things I do is check to see we have a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.  That’s the worst feeling having a guest over and leaving them hanging in the bathroom with NO TOILET PAPER!!!  How rude.


Now every time I’m at Target and in need of toilet paper I go to the brand I trust- Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet paper.  I’m really picky about what kind of toilet paper we use.  With Cottonelle Triple Roll I don’t have to worry so much and I can “slow my roll” by knowing I have plenty of long lasting & quality toilet paper on hand.  This means I have time to enjoy fun holiday festivities with friends and family.  I may even host a few and open up my well stocked guest bathroom 😉

I found a great deal on Cottonelle at Target.  Right now if you purchase a 12 or 20 pack of Cottonelle Triple Roll Bath Tissue you get a FREE 50ct or larger Kleenex!  Holla!  I love free stuff!

Click below to print your coupon

while supplies last


Maybe now I can get my little elves to quit leaving their toilet paper on the shelves???

ghugku (1 of 1)

We’ll see how that goes!  In the mean time enjoy those special moments with your family and friends & be sure to print out the coupon above to save some $$$ at Target on Cottonelle toilet paper.

I’ll leave you in the Christmas spirit with this my friends:

“Our finest tissue we bring, pa bum pa bum bum
To lay before your latrine, pa bum pa bum bum,
Rum pa bum bum, bum pa bum bum,
So to save money, pa bum pa bum bum,
When we come”

When we come…..with our Cottonelle 🙂D7K_1484



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