What’s Connor Up To?

Connor has been up to a lot lately. He and I went on an adventure to Toys R Us this weekend and he chose a Batman sword. Yeah….probably not the most brilliant idea. He’s been swiping and slicing all over the house.  We’ve all had the ickies too. I’m feeling worse today than I did all weekend. This sucks. Hope to get feeling better SOON! I had not feeling 100%


Connor is student of the week at school.  He got to have his drawings and photos displayed in the hall at school.  He was so excited!  I love that he said his favorite thing to do was go to church.  Melt my heart.  I had to explain to his teacher the golden anchor was off of Jake and the Neverland Pirates…..it’s so funny the stuff their little brains remember!

1378741_10153276715920125_1880291100_n Here is Connor’s classIMG_20130926_094749Last week Terence went in to wake Connor up and he had all his little characters lined up in a row on the floor.  He said “Be careful don’t wake up my family”.  Ha ha!  They lay there every night now.  They have to also be in a specific order….ODC much?
IMG_20130926_070753 On Mondays we go to get milk at Braums & ice cream.  It’s a sweet time literally….and we both look forward to Mondays 🙂IMG_20130910_115420 We visited Williams Sonoma a few weeks ago.  I am in love with this apron.  So cute!


My sister got some Bellami Hair extensions and they look pretty awesome.

I don’t know if they would work on me though because my hair is so short?

Have any of y’all tried these before?PicMonkey Collagedaf And lastly….congrats to Rochel the winner of the VTech Rolling Suitcase 🙂



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