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Christmas is right around the corner and staying in touch with my family who lives entirely out of state is super important to me.  Most of my family members only communicate via text or email.  This form of communication reflects this day and age we are living in.  I love my family, but sometimes the only way to get to them is through a TEXT!

I also don’t want to spend tons of money texting back and forth so I recently signed up for the Walmart Family Mobile Plan.  This cheap cell phone plan is going to save me tons of money.  Thanks to #FamilyMobileSaves I’ll have extra money to spend buying Christmas gifts and doing all sorts of other things I’d rather do during my most favorite time of the year!We have a family plan with another provider right now and are paying out the wazoo on it every month.  My husband was going over the features of the Walmart Family Mobile plan and was just flabbergasted at how much we were overpaying.

I have the T-Mobile Concord, this phone is priced great and you get all the jingle bells and whistles with the Walmart Family Mobile plan. There are a couple plans you can choose from.  The first plan is listed for $29.88 and includes unlimited talk and text.  The second is listed for $39.88 and includes unlimited talk, text, and web. I bought my phone on sale for around $80 bucks.  You can’t beat that right?

My new phone:

Signing up with Walmart Family Mobile was incredibly easy.  All I did was visit my local Walmart and headed to the electronics department.  I found the phone I wanted along with a $25 starter kit.  The starter kit included all I needed to activate my phone, including the sim card.  I also bought the 2 year replacement plan for $4.99.  I went home, followed the instructions online, and I got my new phone number.  No hassling and haggling with a sales rep and I’m saving a load of money.  No contracts and phone shopping in peace.  Amen.

Check out my Walmart Family Mobile Walmart shopping experience in my Google+ Album

I’ll be getting ready for the Christmas season soon!   Only 11 Saturdays left to shop before Christmas!!!  I’ll check back with all of you after using my new phone for a while and let you know how it’s going.  One thing I’m not afraid of is my phone bill!   Check out the Walmart Family Mobile Plan by visiting their Online Account Management and Information Services.

In the mean time start getting excited for the holidays and get your communication going with your family and friends.  I know I personally like being asked what I want and it’s not a new pair of socks!  Let me just leave you with the wise saying “Communication is Key” my friends……So excited for the holidays and family!



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