Sometimes You Need to Slow Down…

I’ve got so much going on that I’ve got to slow down a little bit before I run myself ragged. It seems like every weekend something is going on. I’m finally getting my hair done after neglecting it for the past 5 months. I’m really trying to be patient and grow it out….but it’s in such an awkward phase right now.

The one thing I don’t want to do is put my family on the back burner…as soon as mid November hits I’m just going to relax and really start hitting the gym hardcore. I was doing really good at going, then we went out-of-town and this week I’ve had a good life long friend visiting. We had a great time & I’m trying to get her to move here 🙂  *hint* *hint*

I went to my annual lady visit and seriously nearly stroked out when she weighed me. Something had GOTSTA change. I’m just not gonna let this happen dang it!

So I was driving down the street the other day and I passed a farm stand with the most gorgeous mums. I keep telling Terence how much I love mums and wanted to get some. So I peeled into that parking lot like a hot tamale and got me one! Purple, TCU purple ya know…because that’s how we are around these parts.D7K_6421 My love bug in the back seat rolling. He loves wearing those sunglasses.D7K_6435 My friend Ellen (the one who came to visit this weekend) makes the most GORGEOUS jewels. Go check out her site HERE and show some bling love!D7K_6447 My October Birchbox finally arrived. It was a tad late. I like it “okay” I want more MAKEUP!!!! Eyeshadow, lipstick, blush….blah blah blah. MAKEUP. Okay I’m done. D7K_6483
Hope y’all are having a fab Thursday…don’t forget the Mug Swap linkup is tomorrow if you signed up and and haven’t sent yours out or recieved one yet please email me!!!! xo Becky



3 thoughts on “Sometimes You Need to Slow Down…

  1. Hey Becky- the mums are gorgeous! I feel your pain with the weight issue. No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to get rid of the extra weight I’ve been carrying around the last year either. :(. It’s so frustrating. Blah. As far as the coffee mug goes, I’ve not received mine yet from my other swap partner in Hawaii yet. She said she was going to mail it out yesterday but I’ve not heard from her on it again to know if she did yet.
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  2. Okay…so I have seen Birch Boxes on so many other blogs and mentioned on FB – what is it? I also must admit I laughed at your statement that you are going to slow down and buckle down in a few weeks. Isn’t that what we always keep on telling ourselves? and then the holidays will hit with their craziness! When you find out a way to slow down – share the trick with the rest of us! Just when I de-commit to things and try to clear my calendar it starts to fill back up again!

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