Why do I Mess with Stuff?

Dang it!  I started messing with the editor in WordPress….trying to change something and royally screwed it up.  I can never leave well enough alone! Blah!

Sorry for the weird appearance.  If you know how to fix this stuff please holler at me 😛  beckylbranch@gmail.com

So we had a great trip to AR.  Most of the trip was spent at my Nannie and Papa’s farm.  Terence had the brilliant idea to camp and we did…only to be sabotaged by cow moo-ing at 1 am.  We couldn’t stand it anymore so we went in the house.  I know….we sure are party poopers huh?  Those cows are so loud you have no idea!

We had a great visit with Nannie and got to hear her teach Sunday school.  She’s just the best person you’ll ever meet!

Here are some pictures of the trip…..in the mean time I’m trying to get my groove back around here 😉

D7K_5570The boys and Nana

D7K_5638 D7K_5687 Lindsey’s pictures

The boys on the 4-wheelerD7K_5819 Our tentD7K_5823 Nannie and the boys with mouths full of cookies!D7K_5845 Terence building our bonfire to roast s’moresD7K_5860 D7K_5861 D7K_5872Bon Bon and me

Twinkies forever.
1380671_10153331197795125_1298043866_n Another beautiful picture of my cousin Lindsey1391515_10153334095740125_2130362659_n 1391771_10151671314966022_1477791575_nWe love you all and thanks for having us!

Just a couple more months until Christmas YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!



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