Friday Fives

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending an event in Dallas courtesy of Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment. If you are a Mama of a baby in diapers you MUST get this stuff! It’s magic I tell ya! Not only is it an awesome brand the people behind it are so incredibly nice. I also got to reunite with some of my favorite Texas bloggers and they brought in a celebrity guest, Ali Landry, who was SO nice too!drsmithsdallasHere is a little montage of my booger wooger at the pumpkin patch the last FOUR YEARS!  How is this even possible?  I am itching for another bambino, but the hubs isn’t with me yet….but man I miss that little baby….each phase is special all in its own 🙂PicMonkey Collage1Selfies of me and the boogie 🙂 D7K_5464 D7K_5465SO ready for holiday bevs.  Like no joke….I need an eggnog latte stat. tumblr_mdk9l62PoW1ri2wpoo1_1280Speaking of seasonal drinks….Connor boy and I got our pumpkin spice at Seattle’s Best coffee.  It also has pumpkin flavored whip on it.  Delish!IMG_20131006_125212Does someone want to come help me get this monkey out of bed every morning?  You think the day will NEVER come when your kids sleep in and that YOU will be the one dragging them out of bed.  It does come and it’s a pain.  I love my sleep too…but this kid is a bear to get outta bed. IMG_20131010_075542I’m loving these Pop-Out Ornament Christmas cards from  They are so cute and you can just pop them out of your Christmas cards and hang them on the tree.  Brilliant.   UntitledDon’t forget to link up for Friday linkies at Lauren and Darci’s blogs 🙂

Happy Weekend Everyone!



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