It’s Feeling Fall-ish

D7K_5138My boogie is growing up way too fast! I just love this kid with all my heart. We are getting back to the gym working on the fitness. Gonna get this jiggle round the middle gone before the holidays….ugh. Work it girl. I gotsta do this. For me, for my hubs, and my kiddo. I really don’t care how I look I just want to FEEL better!D7K_5165He was trying to eat an orange last night with the peel on. He’s also been saying the funniest things lately and really cracking us up. I need to start writing them down so I’ll remember more….D7K_5088I got the Justin Timberlake 20/20 experience disc 2 the other day at Target. It’s just as good as the first CD and great work out songs I might add. JT has till got in girlfriend…Britney’s probably kicking herself for letting that gem go.988269_703468906336967_1101686536_nIf you live in Fort Worth Christmas in Cowtown has started!!!! Yippeeeee!!!! It’s one of my favorite events to go to and it also symbolized the beginning of the holiday months ahead. I can’t contain myself…I get too excited about this time of year.FallPops Godiva Fall Pops….ummmmm…yeah. So cute!Wigs-largeDesigner Chris March, a previous contestant on Project Runway has this great line of foam wigs at Target this year. I’m dying over them. They are so fun and outrageous and he is the perfect designer for this sort of thing.

I saw this turkey had on Zulily yesterday…it’s so funny! Ha ha!
zud3852852_img2281001_main_1380654141Okay, well that’s about it for today yuns! xoxo Becky
What are you up to???? Is it cold where you live?



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