Learning to take Photos of your Children

As you can see I did a little blog makeover. Darker colors for fall. I guess I change my blog as much as I change my hairstyle??? ha ha! We had a great long weekend. Didn’t do anything too exciting.  It was just nice to chill and relax.
I took a few pictures of my munchkin. He’s so sweet to let me constantly take pictures of him. I was thinking of doing a few photography tutorials on here.  What would y’all want to see?  What would you like to learn more about regarding photography?

I’m also going to run some fall photo specials again this year.  If you live in the #DFW or #FortWorth area give me a holler and I’d love to take photos for you!  My email: beckylbranch@gmail.com

Here’s my lil stud muffin

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