Weekend Wrap Up #ContainFTW Sneak Peek!

We’ve had a pretty easy-going weekend.  Can I just say I am sooooooo ready for fall weather?  I know some people like the heat, but I am just not meant to sweat.  I love me some scarves, boots, and sweaters!  Yesterday we went over to Terence’s parents house to celebrate our beloved Granddaddy’s 87 birthday. They just don’t come like Granddaddy anymore, a true gentleman in every sense of the word.  We love you so much Granddaddy and so glad we got to celebrate with you!  It’s truly a blessing to get together every weekend with all the cousins.  As the family grows and the dining table stretches to new lengths, it’s amazing to see all these kids grow up.  I miss my family back home in Arkansas, but I am so thankful we BOTH have such great families surrounding us.

All the kids playing outside

Can I just have 1/10 of this energy please???

081013 (45 of 57)

Nell & Granddaddy blowing out the candles
081013 (33 of 57)

Our sweet niece Leah
081013 (19 of 57) Our nephew Levi081013 (24 of 57)Hannah is the oldest of the bunch.  She just turned the big 13.  She was trying to teach everyone how to play musical chairs.  They lasted one round, then the chairs went away and there were losers…..sigh….081013 (39 of 57) 081013 (50 of 57)

In other fun news….Fort Worth got a brand spanking new sparkly, shiny, HUGE new Container Store.  I got to pop in on my lunch break and take a sneak peek of the new store.  It was so much bigger than our previous store and if you know me then you know my love for all things organizational and office supplies.  🙂  It is my happy place.  The Container Store gals that gave us a tour were amazing and such nice people!  I’m sorry I couldn’t stay longer, but I sure did enjoy getting a look inside this new organizational paradise.  I’ll be back SOON!

Here are some more pictures of the new store:D7K_3203

Some of my sweet friends via Fort Worth Moms BlogD7K_3202

Boot shapers, who knew?  These will keep your boots look great for fall!D7K_3178

Love the Elfa system.  I’ve talked about it before on the blog.  We did Connor’s closet with Elfa.  His room is not that big, so having the shelving and storage in his closet really frees up space for playing with toys.D7K_3179 D7K_3181

Love this office area.  The magazine racks and pegboard are so cool!D7K_3183 D7K_3185

If you are looking for a makeup organizer, these are supposed to be like the ones the Kardashians use.  D7K_3190 D7K_3198

My favorite isle.  The gift wrap isle…especially around Christmas time.  I could spend HOURS looking through all the fun paper.D7K_3199 D7K_3201 D7K_3200 D7K_3212

Kitchen goodsD7K_3213 My dream is to one day have a craft room.  If we ever get the extra space I’d love to have an area like this to put all my knick knacks and things.  I’m always putting them all over the place (basically wherever I can find a spot) and lose track of where all my craft goodies are.  Love this idea!D7K_3209

I’m going back for this beauty.  A lucite tape dispenser.  One of my friends on Instagram commented that it would be good for washi tape.  That is such a cute idea!D7K_3208

Some other lovely local Fort Worth bloggers 🙂  It was so nice to meet you all!!!

I’ll be back soon for more fun Container Store….prepare yourself!

Thank you for your hospitality and the fun sneak peek inside this store.
D7K_3206I hope you all are having a great weekend!





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  1. Looks like a great weekend! How fun for your son to have all his cousins around. I know Container Store very well, after furnishing 2 girls in college with all the “must haves” they should name the store after me!! PS My #2 who lives in FW, call it her new home away from home!

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