They See Me Rollin….. #Toyota #Highlander

The lovely folks at Dallas Toyota let me choose a car at test drive it for a week.  This gorgeous, fully loaded Toyota Highlander was delivered right to my doorstep with a full tank of gas.  I was ready to ride!  First of all, let me just say I loved how roomy it was, the leather seats, the steering was one of my favorite features.  I hate driving a car with jerky steering, and this car held its own and was smooth at butter on the road.  The Highlander had very little road noise on the freeway and handled SO well!  I didn’t want to give it back!!!! Waaaaaahhhhh!!!!  I had a Toyota Avalon for 11 years and I cannot tell you how much I loved that car.  It was so good to me and I never had a single problem with it.  Toyota is a brand I trust and believe in because I’ve been driving Toyota’s since I got my first car back in 1999.  They never disappoint!

D7K_3793 So let me point out some of the amazing features of the Highlander:D7K_3792 Look at all the roomD7K_3790 D7K_3787 D7K_3776 All the buttons to control your radio, air conditioning, and dashboard are on the steering wheelD7K_3794 Several different radio options as well as navigation. Perfect for someone like me with no sense of direction!D7K_3795 D7K_3796 D7K_3797 D7K_3802 D7K_3799 LOVE that it has 4 cup holders in the front. It also has all the USB ports and everything to hook up all your mobile/media devices.D7K_3798 D7K_3804 TONS of room in the back for groceries or whatever you haul with you everyday. Moms carry a lot of stuff in the car. It’s almost like a second home away from home.D7K_3786 Waaaah!!!! Mama don’t make me give up this ride! I love it!D7K_3781

Someday toots!!!! Someday we will 🙂
Thank you so much #Toyota for allowing us to have a blast this past week in the Highlander. It was amazing!



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  1. You are too cool for school. Seriously, how did you score this awesome opportunity? Before I purchased my Camry in 2009, I test drove the Highlander and LOVED it. Now that Kamden is due in December, and I’m looking at SUVs, I really wish I had gotten it. WAHHH!!!!!!!
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