School Days


Oh my gosh I wouldn’t go back to highschool and re-live those days for anything!  We didn’t have cell phones back then, I can’t imagine what school is like now days with all the social media around.  We had beepers.  If that doesn’t age me well….it does.  Above is a picture of Bonnie and I on our first day of senior year.  We were ballin’ in our Geo Prizm.  We had to share a car, but Bonnie always drove and I was co-pilot.  We had some great times in that car.  I think we spent $5 a week to fill the tank up and we would fight over that too….ha ha….if only we knew how CHEAP that was back then!

Here we are on our first day of either 1st or 2nd grade???

Ft. Riley, KS and butterfly backpacks 🙂


I also found this gem.  My highschool i.d.  Geesh that seems like a lifetime ago.  Back in the days when I used to tan and eat whatever I wanted.  Christina Aguilera’s Genie in a Bottle was topping the charts.  Time sure does fly!  No matter what grade, semester, or year you are starting try to find the joy in each day!  School is not easy….but the friendships made are forever.

Scan_Pic0020Also, the traffic is going to get CRA-ZAY no…..grrrrrrr……

I’ll try not to get a speeding ticket in a school zone this year Mom! Love ya!



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