Night at the Circus

We’ve had a fab weekend!  Our weekend started off with a bang as we attended the circus for the first time 🙂  It was amazing!  Connor was mesmerized by the entire show.  He’s been asking if we can go back again….yeah let me start saving now kiddo!  We had one $14 bag of cotton candy and that’s it.  Next time remind me to hoard snacks in my purse.  Mmmmmkay?  Regardless, it was totally worth the smile on Connor’s face and it was fun family time together.

We’ve started walking during the evenings.  It’s been cool here lately, only in the mid 90’s for highs in TX is freakish.  Cold front!!!!!  It’s usually blistering hot.  Of course now that I’ve said that it’s going to be 115 next week probably.  I just have to get this lard off my body.  I’m so discouraged right now, and I go in and out of eating well and exercising then lose my mojo.  I need someone to stand behind me with a stick and just poke me constantly.  Now that I’ve had a job change and a little more time on my hands I’d like to focus on getting fit again.  Any who…..

Okay prepare yourself for picture overload……here was the circus:

D7K_3506 D7K_3685 D7K_3486 D7K_3492 D7K_3505 D7K_3494

The ringmasterD7K_3511

Get it girrrrlD7K_3525

In a circus coma
D7K_3548 D7K_3542 D7K_3550

I have a slight crush on the lion/tiger tamer 😉D7K_3632

The girls in bubblesD7K_3638 D7K_3643

Motorcycle on a tight rope… thank youD7K_3577 D7K_3571 D7K_3589 D7K_3612

Motorcyclists with a death wish apparently…

I have no idea how they did this one.D7K_3749

Girls hanging from their hair

I need whatever shampoo/conditioner their usingD7K_3655

No thank you again…jumping through hoops of fire makes me pee my pantsD7K_3679 D7K_3702 D7K_3705

My favorite

The elephants 🙂D7K_3729 D7K_3747 Finally the dragon made its grand entrance D7K_3758 D7K_3763


Have a great Monday everyone!



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