My Man is Spicy What Can I Say? #PersonalFeast #Velveeta



Terence and I both work full-time jobs and most of the time we are running around like chickens with our heads off.  The most dreaded moment of the day for me is “What’s to eat???”  I am the WORST at meal planning and cooking a decent meal for my family.  We can’t afford to eat out every single day because that would eat up our entire food budget.  I’m always on the look out for quick, easy, filling meals for Terence and I.  As the Mom and Wife of our family I feel responsible for putting a decent meal on the table or packing a healthy lunch.  Terence is especially hard because he wants something filling and good.  He always says he can’t eat “girly” food for lunch.  Ha ha!

I think what he means is he just wants his stomach to be full and not have to visit an all you can eat buffet.  I sent him off to work today with a Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles.  He said it was really really good!  His favorite was the Chicken Chili Cheese Mac.  He has over an hour commute to and from work every day, so I know getting an important lunch to hold him over until dinner is important.

 There are easy to read instructions on the box below:


073113 (33 of 39)

Once cooked you stir in the “liquid gold” aka Velveeta cheese sauce073113 (34 of 39) 073113 (35 of 39)

Droooooool…….073113 (39 of 39)

The best part is I can feed my man without breaking the bank.  These yummy meals were just $2.48 at my local Wal-mart.  Terence said it was cheesy and spicy and it filled him up!  Check out your local paper for $1 off one Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles.  I know everyone says “Happy Wife Happy Life”, but I know the way to my happy husband is through is stomach 😉  D7K_3041

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