I Shrek’n


This summer has flown by.  We are in the midst of a thunderstorm right now and I’m so glad, we need the rain badly.  It seems like school starts earlier and earlier each year.  Not that I had off this summer or anything….but I’m just saying that when I was in school it was September before we headed back???  We have tickets to the circus on Friday and OMG Connor is going nuts just thinking about it!  Every morning he wakes up and asks if the circus is here yet.  Also, dang circus tickets are expensive!  Seriously, for three of us to go it costs more than a weeks worth of groceries….and that’s not even front section seats or anything.  Gulp.


Another thing about this summer has been the ice cream truck.  EVERY.TIME.I.HEAR.THAT.MUSIC. I want to turn around and speed 80 miles an hour in the opposite direction just to avoid a fit.  I’m such a horrible mother you know because apparently Connor is the only kid who doesn’t get ice cream every time the ice cream truck rolls up.  BUT- I have caved a few times and let him pick out something 🙂  Last time he picked out a Shrek popsicle.  Can you just see the adoring look on his face???  If ice cream doesn’t buy you love I don’t know what will.


“Look Mom I ate his eyeballs out of his head!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!!”

Boy Mom…fo’shizzle.D7K_3136

I love you kiddo.  We are looking forward to taking you to the circus.  Your face better like up like a million bucks literally…..

No…just kidding.

No really.

I’ll update on our circus experience soon 🙂

I know I use way too many smiley faces, dot, dot, dots, and explanation points…..BUT I CAN’T STOP! Blah.



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