Yummy Breakfast Bread Bowls #TysonBreakfast

CB-sponsored-post-white-600 (1)D7K_2305Most mornings my entire family is in such a rush we are scrambling for something to eat.  I’m lucky if I get a banana with my cup of coffee.  I’d like to say I get up 30 minutes earlier than normal and cook a decent meal, but most days I hit the snooze button.  Then I feel guilty because I haven’t eaten or served my family a good breakfast.  If you remember back in school they always told us a great day starts out with a good breakfast.  Come lunch time my stomach is grumbling and I’m over eating to fill the void eating no breakfast has left me.

Recently we tried the awesomeness that is Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls.  They were hearty, tasty, and provide a great source of protein to start your day!  Not to mention they were quick and easy to prepare.  Just a minute or two in the microwave and you have a yummy breakfast.  While shopping at Walmart I found these in the freezer section for the low low price of $3.88.

Let me introduce you to my pretty little friends.

Here we have the bacon, egg, and cheese & sausage, egg, and cheese

D7K_2310Here is the sausage.  Great flavor and very filling!

D7K_2311This one is the bacon, egg, and cheese.  Let me just say they didn’t skimp on my favorite meat….lots of bacon!


Next time you are visiting your local Walmart be sure to look in the freezer section to check out these tasty Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls.  They are so good, warm, and hearty.  My husband said he LOVED them, and he doesn’t comment that much on food unless he really likes something.  Check out more of my shopping experience at Walmart by reading my Google + story HERE.  Also, show your breakfast love to Tyson on Twitter and Facebook too!  Yummy in my tummy……..AND…..it goes great with my favorite breakfast beverage of choice……….





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