Weekend With Friends

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We had a great weekend!  My best friend Sara and her family came to visit from Arkansas.  They took their boys to Lego Land and then we met up with them on Saturday to spend some time together.  We visited the Grapevine Aquarium.  I’ll talk more about that in another post.  It was SO much fun!  Connor is really into the ocean and fish right now.

We ate afterwards at the food court

Here is Connor and LoganIMG_20130727_121407

Then Terence and Connor went home for a nap while Sara and I conquered IKEA.  I love that store, I actually haven’t been in a year or so….but they have new things all the time.  I tried to warn Sara how big it is.  I think when we got in she was overwhelmed with the whole thing.  If you’ve never been to an IKEA then it’s a LOT to take in!  It’s huge and is full of everything you could think of for a home.  The kids area is my favorite.IMG_20130727_131132

After IKEA we headed to Stonebriar Mall.  There was this crazy restaurant in the middle of the mall where all the food comes out on conveyer belts.  It’s called Wasabi Sushi.  We passed it and I just had to take a picture because it reminded me of something out of the future.

We also visited a favorite store of mine called Love Sac.  I just ADORE these humongous bean bags.  They are so comfortable you can just fall into them and curl up for hours.IMG_20130727_155711Later that night Terence’s sister came over to babysit so we could have a double date.  We ate at The Cheesecake Factory.  We ate ourselves silly and reminisced about old times.  We had a great visit….then we had to wheel ourselves out to the parking lot we were so full!

Sara + Thomas

Terence + MeIMG_20130727_202105

My favorite find at IKEA is the awesome TV tray for Connor.

It was $7!!!! Score! IMG_20130728_121519




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