The Most Embarrassing Post Ever

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Yes, this took all I had to post these pictures. UGH. Disgust.

How did I get here?

Where did that muffin top come from?

Why do I have Kardashian booty?


With Connor out of town for the next couple of weeks Terence and I are going to try to kick start getting healthy again.  I’m just sick of being tired, lazy, and fat.  I’m not happy with my body right now and what better opportunity than the present.  My weight is an on-going struggle.  I’ve discussed it before on here.  Severe obesity runs in my family and I don’t want to end up like that…..but I’m already slowly headed down that path.

So, when Kristen decided to run a fitness contest I thought why not?  I need motivation and someone to kick my butt.  So I’m going to start the 30 day shred and do my yoga.  Eat better and be mindful of what goes in my mouth.  Hoping at the end of all this I can win that big ole pot of moolah and even if I don’t at least be one step closer to being a MILF.

Okay so here are my stats:

Waist: 39″

Hips: 45″

Arms: both 13″

Wish me luck and join up with us!



8 thoughts on “The Most Embarrassing Post Ever

  1. First of all, can I just say how much I freakin’ LOVE your living room? Those floors are amaze-balls and I love the window treatments in the background. Please come and help me RESCUE this house I live in, I need an intervention!!!!!

    Okay, now that I’m not salivating over your homestead, I’m shouting out a big ol’ KUDOS to you for being so brave to post this picture. Not only am I fat, but I’m also 16 weeks pregnant. Not. A. Pretty. Sight. Geez Louise. Remember, sweet friend, that some women pay big bucks to have a booty like that. In fact, a girl I went to college with had butt implant surgery. SAY WHAT?! Not joking. I told her she was nuts, and I think she believed me. I’ll be serious ….. since finding out I was pregnant, I’ve made exercise and healthier eating my priorities. I’m working out twice a day (most days it’s water aerobics in the morning and swimming or light cardio at night). Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit (or are loose) but I don’t think this will last too much longer. Since May 19, I’ve lost 8 pounds. My next appt with the OB is July 31 and I hope the scale has some good news for me.

    Sending lots of hugs to the hottest mama there is!!!!
    Nicole @ Three 31
    Nicole Hutchison recently posted…Kirsten — a first degree black beltMy Profile

  2. good for you! you look beautiful btw 🙂 thank you for your honesty and openness…it is refreshing. Im currently 26 weeks preggo with #5…my kiddos are all 7 and under. Hospitilization and bed rest due to exreme morning sickness has made this pregnancy hard with the staying fit factor. Prior to getting preggo I was doing P90X with my hubby. Around the time I got preggo with this little man my mom picked up a copy of Trim Healthy Mama ( and started implementing what they have in their book with AMAZING results. Im looking forward to getting my game on again when this little man arrives. Best of luck and blessings!

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