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Thanks to those who commented on my blubber post below.  When I post pictures of myself on this blog it’s always ones I like or I think I look best in.  Of course who would want a horrible picture of them up on the Internet for everyone to see?  I know how to pose at a flattering angle or crop in a way I don’t look fat.  Everyone is their worst critic.  I could tell you a million things I’m not happy with about my body right now….but it’s mostly a mind game.  There is no quick fix, special pill, or diet.  I think a lot of how you feel about yourself on the outside comes from how you feel on the inside.  I give myself a hard time if I mess up or do something stupid, and food is a comfort.  That pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food….uhm hello?  Makes me feel good for the moment….

Over the years you learn about your body.  How it absorbs things and handles different foods.  I know carbs are not my friend.  However, I don’t eat a lot of meat….only chicken and bacon.  I’m probably the heaviest almost-vegetarian out there!  Chocolate is a continuous temptation as well.  I have a candy dish on my desk at work all the time.  I need to get that as far away as possible.  If I can’t see it, then it’s out of sight & out of mind.

Terence and I have been doing okay eating this week. I had a very light dinner tonight, I did that mostly because I went out to eat (veggie sandwich) and ate candy while at work.  Dang.  I’ll pick back up tomorrow.  I know I need to do better at drinking more water and I want to try and do the Advocare cleanse again.  Last time I did well, lost about 5 lbs.  It wasn’t the best time because I had a vacation planned and my birthday fell in that time period.  Hence several birthday desserts later…

Anyway,  thanks for the kind words of encouragement.  I know so many other women especially deal with self image issues.  I don’t think I’m in a terrible spot right now, but I’m also at a point where I need to make a change and decide what to do.  I want to live a long and healthy life, watch my kid(s) grow up, and celebrate my 70th wedding anniversary.  I want to do this for me so I can feel better on the inside and out.

Okay, done with my rant.

On another note, I am LOVING my new cross body bag.  I have always adored this brand called Latico Leather.  They had a sale a while back on Zulily and I got a great deal on it.  The leather is SO soft and lightweight.  I cannot stand purses that are heavy and weigh you down.  This is the perfect weight and it’s so cute 🙂


My fave color!  I love this one too!




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  1. You need to take the candy dish and throw it away 🙂 When I started working I even convinced the receptionist to not put out any candy! Lets all be healthy! hahahaha. LOVE the purse!

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