Midweek Randoms

I’m linking up with Megan for “Midweek Randoms

Lord knows my mind is all kinds of random.  Sometimes it’s just easier to post random stuff that’s been hanging around in your head than it is to come up with a clever, tidy blog post.

I think 4 people I know had babies today.  That is random.

Here is my little BACHELOR.  (3 and younger ladies) I love Red 21 Boys.  It’s one of my favorite stores to shop for boy clothing and they constantly have amazing sales.  D7K_2572

I saw these Barbies the other day and I thought of how much Bonnie and I would have LOVED playing with them.  A space Barbie….who knew?D7K_2272

I was cleaning out my desk at work and came home with all these pens.  I think I have a pen addiction.  I can’t go into Target or Walmart without buying new pens to try because it just might be the best pen I’ve ever had.  D7K_2560

My Mom gave me this cookbook for my birthday.  She said it looked like me 🙂  I can’t wait to try some fun stuff out in it soon!
D7K_2562Connor’s school had a puppetere come and do a show for them today.  I ran up there to crash the party & take some pictures.  The kids absolutely loved it and he did a great job!D7K_2583

I got my July Birchbox in today.  I LOVE this lipstick. Usually I am picky about lipsticks because they can taste like wax or wierd tasting….but this went on so smooth and tasted great!

My haul included:

ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick in Naked, Birchbox bobby pins, Benta Berry Matifying cream, Curl Keeper, & Juicy Couture La La perfume sample.


Love this picture of my Mom & Dad with Connor.  I already miss this so much already…..waaaaaahhh!!!!D7K_2219

Terence and I have been watching Stephen King’s The Dome this summer.  It’s pretty good so far, crazy, but good!  What do you expect from Stephen King?  It sucks you in and now I can’t stop watching because I have to see what happens to this town…..eeeeek!  It’s so hot I am dying.  I try to pick out a shirt every morning that won’t show pit stains.  It sucks.  Ugh.  Well, I better get some rest before work tomorrow!

We are over hump day and now headed for Friday! Whoop!  Whoop!



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