Nana & Poppy

1005260_10152961205200125_1460200243_nNana & Poppy are here visiting this weekend.  It couldn’t have come at a better time either!  We are so blessed to have them 🙂

Connor is loving every minute and keeps asking them not to leave (breaks my heart)

Mom and I went shopping this morning, something we don’t get to do often.  Love shopping with my Mama!  We went to lunch and then Mom and Dad let Terence and I have date night.  We haven’t been on a night out by ourselves in at LEAST 4-5 months!  Thanks Mom and Dad.  We saw World War Z with Brad Pitt and it was really good.  Zombies freak me out though.  Still a great movie, I would recommend it.

1005151_10152961203655125_1644259719_nTurkey heads

They are spoiling him rotten.

We got Connor a cookie with sprinkles at the mall today & my Mom texted me tonight and said she gave the cookie to Connor and he said “It’s so beautiful”

Ha ha!  So sweet.
1010961_10151485066891022_1652605197_n 1044610_10151485064946022_1381838753_nHope you are all doing well and remember….




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