Getting “Slimmy” With It!

Weight loss.  Lifestyle change.  Diet.  UGH.  These are all terms that make me shudder   My journey with weight loss has been a roller coaster to say the least.  It has always been easier said than done.

I’ll start by giving you a little bit of history involving my personal weight loss/gain story.  I tend to fluctuate back and forth and it has been years since I’ve been at my ideal weight.  The charts say I’m borderline obese….umm what?  Me???  I don’t feel that way, but I know if I don’t change my habits now that it’s going to bite me in the badonkadonk thirty years down the road.  I was pretty skinny up until I met my husband–I blame him for taking me out on so many dates and saying I could order dessert 😉  When we first met I was a svelte size 4-6 and about 118 lbs.  Slowly the weight trickled on over the next couple years, and by the time we got married I was about 25 lbs heavier.

Don’t get me wrong, I still felt good in my own skin.  We’ve now been married for almost 12 years and all I can say is that if I continue down the path I’m on now I’m in trouble.  When I was pregnant with Connor I gained a whopping 70 lbs!  The good thing is it was mostly water and swelling and luckily, it seemed to fall right off afterwards.  Of course, the 14 months of breastfeeding didn’t hurt.  I was actually 10 lbs. lighter than before I had Connor while breastfeeding.  Then I stopped breastfeeding and the weight trickled back on again.  Sigh.

Some of you may remember that at the beginning of the year I started a link-up called “The Biggest Loser: Blogger Challenge”.  That was so much fun and I was really motivated by reading all of your stories.  I lost 8 lbs. during the challenge.  It’s not a ton, but it did help get the wheels turning, along with taking off some of that Christmas weight gain.


During the past few weeks I’ve had some inspirational people come into my life.  I really think that people can make a difference just by sharing their personal stories with you.  Relating to someone and hearing their point of view can do wonders.  So, one day I woke up and decided I was going to stop eating all the candy around me at work.  It was/is hard, but I’ve been doing it.  Then, instead of having 2-3 crescent rolls I could just have a half or one and cut my portion sizes down.  I started counting my calories in a journal.  I am using my fitbit zip (this is wonderful tool!).  I can’t say enough about it!  It counts your calories, steps, and distance every day.  It helps keep me accountable.


So, right now I’m down about 5 lbs since the beginning of the month.  If you can get past those first couple of weeks it makes such a difference.  If I can do it while working 40+ hours a week, taking a child to and from school, folding laundry, cooking dinners & lunches, keeping a house clean, and so much more…..anyone can!

The biggest thing for me is remembering to eat.  Sometimes I’ll work through lunch and then I’ll get home and start shoveling whatever I can into my mouth because I am STARVING!  That is so wrong.  I know my body needs protein and energy to make it through the day so I don’t feel dragged down.  If I’m in a pinch and don’t have a lot of time I’ll grab a Slim-Fast out of the fridge (my favorite flavor is chocolate).  I get my sweet fix and I feed my body so it’s not so deprived when I get home.  I feel better and I am starting to look better too!  That’s just the cherry on top!

D7K_1419So now it’s your turn!  What is your conversation in your head about losing weight? (The funnier the better!) Leave an answer in the comments below and you will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a $1,000 SpaFinder gift card!  Entries will be pooled between participating blogs and two lucky people will win!

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48 thoughts on “Getting “Slimmy” With It!

  1. My head is constantly thinking about food and what to create next for my food blog. I dream about food (and of course have feasts in my dreams all the time, so glad I don’t gain calories for just dreaming). How can I lose a few pounds, that’s more of a conversation at the back of my head more than really in my head! oh well, but I do WANT to lose a few pounds, here and there. Guess I’ll give this slim fast treat a try.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it
    Amy Tong recently posted…How to Make Azuki (Red Bean) Paste (自家製紅豆沙餡料)My Profile

  2. the voice in my head is trying to justify eating something fattening by assuring myself I can work it off

  3. don’t eat that — but I want to eat that — too fattening, too much sugar — I MUST eat it — don’t try to stop me!!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  4. I battle my head every day. Basically it goes something like this:
    “wow, look at my stomach and thighs, I really need to lose some of this weight.”
    “no, you look fine.”
    “okay, maybe your thighs could use some work.”
    “You look pretty darn good for your age, stop stressing.”

    Some days I end up going to the gym and others, I blow it off and feel guilty later.

  5. my main motivation is the health benefits of working out…I am not looking to lose weight just to be able to outrun my hubby :)))

  6. i am constantly filled with self loathing about the state i have got myself in… but its gotten better since i began working out. I’ve managed to lose 20 lbs so i am not quite as horrible to myself as I was.. but i still see pics of myself and want to go crawl in a hole somewhere.

  7. I want to lose weight to feel healthier. Also I have some really cute clothes I want to fit into again – I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe.

  8. I’d love to be able to be confident enough to go out swimming with the family. There’s a Great Wolf Lodge nearby and my daughter has been wanting to go. *sigh* I have so much weight to lose it looks like weight loss surgery is the answer for me. However, maybe it’s not..I’ve got two family members that have botched surgeries and horrible effects from it all. I wish I was one of those naturally skinny people.

  9. My mental conversations are usually like, “Man, I need to get back on track with my food/calorie tracking. Wait… Is that cake?!”
    Luckily I haven’t gained any weight since I stopped tracking my food intake. LoL

  10. One part of my brain is thinking that I will plan and cook balanced meals, the other part is saying nothing looks or sounds good, I’m tired, this is too much effort, I’ll do it tomorrow.

  11. Sadly my dear there is no battle in my head, after spending the entire year last year in the hospital and having a doctor tell me I was ‘on borrowed time’ I don’t deny myself a thing! Before the hospitalization however I had lost 3 dress sizes on my own via portion control and zumba games on my Wii, and with summer season in full swing, I really should get back into healthier eating habits. Like you, I get so wrapped up I forget to eat sometimes! I guess it’s that I’m trying to make up for lost time by staying super busy!
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  12. My conversation always goes like this…..”I’ll start tomorrow!” Fast forward to tomorrow…..”today isn’t good, I’ll start tomorrow”….and the cycle continues!

  13. Surprisingly. I am not trying to lose too much weight. Happy with what I have, but most of the conversations are toget myself more motivated to exercise each day!

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