Five on Friday

This week has seriously flown by.  I’m excited about helping a dear friend plan a shower for her baby girl tomorrow!  Yay!  It’s been a long week, but short in other areas….you know how that is? 

I went to pick up Connor from school yesterday and he shoved a kid.  That’s all I saw.  He pushed him to the ground and I don’t know what happened before that…but seriously???  It’s just awful and it hurts my heart.  We had a long talk about it and I know he knows what he did was wrong, but still, why did he do that? 

Overall, he’s a really good kid and he doesn’t behave like that at home so I’m wondering what happened?

Okay so on a positive note, here are FIVE things I’m loving this week (or missing) and I’m linking up with Five for Friday Link-Up.

This bruschetta I had while visiting Arkansas and dining with my friends.

I’m still dreaming about it.  So good!IMG_20130526_140535Also this dessert.  I’m going to try this at home.IMG_20130526_151226Memories made with best friends…IMG_20130526_203352Friends that will babysit your kid on a last minute’s notice. 

They love him so much and he has been talking about them all week.  So blessed.IMG_20130601_140440It’s FRIDAY so I splurged on Starbucks. Gulp.

I wish a Seattles Best was a bit closer to my work, but I’m sure they are getting there 🙂IMG_20130607_090428New bloggy business cards.

I ordered these from Overnight Prints and they did a bangin job. 

I realized when I went to Blissdom I had nothing on mine except my name, email, and blog address.

Apparently I also needed to include all social sites…so I’m thrilled with how these turned out!IMG_20130607_090608My big boy is growing up 🙂PicMonkey Collagezz

What are your Friday favorites?



3 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. You are the second blogger from DFW that talked about Seattles Best this week. Will have to try it. I am from McKinney, TX . Your little boy is adorable. Love your blog… Will definitely be back!

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