Father’s Day Weekend 2013


We had a great Father’s day weekend.  I love my Ter-Bear and he’s the best Daddy and I love watching him and Connor bond over they boy things.   I’d love to have another….it’s funny how your mind works and forgets things.  But I know everything is in God’s timing.  Right now we feel blessed to have our Connor boy.  We waited 8 1/2 years for him and I know we can have patience if God decides to bless us again.  Parenthood has been the best thing ever and I feel so blessed to have my family.  Each day is a precious gift.

My Daddy is the most loving soul.  I’m so thankful for him and his giving spirit.  He always does for others and really goes out of his way to serve.  I love you Daddy!  Sorry I didn’t call you on Father’s Day (I’ve been almost a week without a phone!)  I called Verizon yesterday and they overnighted me a new one.  I now have service! Yay!  Thank you “Quaniquid” or however you spell that….he was hilarious.  “Oh no girrrrrrl we cannot have you going without a phone that long honey I’m going to overnight another.  That is crazy.”  – Great Verizon peeps right there 🙂

So Saturday night we got together with my in-laws and extended family for dinner.  We grilled out while all the cousins played in the backyard.  It’s such a joy to watch all of them growing up together and building loving relationships.  Terence has a brother and two sisters, so we have lots of nieces and nephews and it continues to grow!

Terence and his brother Paul aka “Grill masters”


Connor jumping off the tree trunk.  This went on for about 10 minutes.  Who knew???D7K_1918 D7K_1900

Connor and Ellie will always share a special bond.

Even though he’s in school now he talks about his Ellie every day.D7K_1907

Not having my Mom and Dad here is rough some days,  but I have to say I have been blessed with the most loving, self-sacrificing, giving in-laws.  They are the next best thing to my own Mommy & Daddy and I’m glad we have them here to talk to and spend time with.

Pop & Grana with all the grandkids

We gained a few extra kiddos while trying to take a photoD7K_1935

Ellie jumping D7K_1922 D7K_1942

We call our Grandpa “POP” so I brought him some “Pop-Its” to play with

We love our Pop PopD7K_1897

We got Daddy a photo of us to put on his desk at work and I got him a “Like a Boss” mug 🙂

Connor also made him some sweet things at school.


I love the mug Connor made….look at the hair!!!! LOL! ha ha!D7K_1992




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  1. I love to pop in and check out your blog, and I must say that you look fantastic lately! I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but keep doing it- and do share!

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