Throwback Thursday: Mother’s Day Edition

I love my Mom.  I have to say that living further away from her has only made me MORE thankful for her.  I wish I was there this weekend to give her a big ole hug and kiss.  She sacrificed a lot for my sister and I.  Especially while living in Germany, where she knew no one and raising twins while my Dad was out on drills for the Army.  Those were the days when we wore cloth diapers and she had to boil water for laundry!  Can you imagine???

She a great teacher.  She is a reading and literacy advocate and counselor.  My Mom has touched so many lives of young children over the years.  So blessed to call her my Mom and thankful for everything she’s ever done for me.  I could go on and on and probably write a book about it….but in the end…..all that matters is……

I love you Mama!mombeckbon fam

And my sweet Nannie Sue too…she’s everything to us!photo

Love you both bunches and thank you for being the ultimate role model in my life.  You both are smart, loving, and most importantly, Godly women that I aspire to be like some day.  None can compare to either of you.  xo Becky

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