Mother’s Day 2013


Things have been pretty busy the past few weeks.   So it was nice to have a laid back weekend with my boys.  On Saturday our subdivision was hosting a neighborhood garage sale, so I went through some of our junk stuff and sat out for a few hours.  I made about $50 bucks…not too bad?  Saturday was also Terence’s birthday.  My hubby turned 32!  He’s the best hubs ever and I’m thankful for every day God has given us together.

The first birthday we shared together! May 11, 2000

We celebrated birthdays/Mother’s Day at my in-law’s house Saturday night with dinner, cake, and ice cream 🙂

Today the boys and I had red velvet pancakes, they let me do a little shopping at Anthropologie, and we took Terence to the electronics store.

Then we came back and took naps & I caught up on a little recorded TV.  Oh my gosh The Following is CRAZY!  And Arrow on CW is one of my favorite new shows too!!!

Me & my lovey!

He’s getting SO big!


My sweet boys


Thank you Lord for my beautiful family!  All the mothers in my life, and mom role-models.  I pray for all those out there still waiting for motherhood.  God’s timing is perfect!  Don’t lose faith!


We wish you many blessings this Mother’s Day!

xo Becky



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