Memorial Day Weekend & Trip to Arkansas

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Thank you friends!D7K_1637


Some may not know, but my Nannie has had a pretty rough year this year.  She was diagnosed with cancer and just finished her treatments not too long ago.  She seems to be doing much better and the Doctor’s can’t find any sign of cancer right now….praise the Lord!  Let’s hope this continues and Nannie lives a LONG and healthy life.  I can’t imagine not having her in mine.  If there was one person on this Earth I could wish to be like….it would be her.  There is none like her and there never will be.  She is the best.  That is all.  THE BEST.

I don’t get home as much as I’d like that’s for sure.  Terence and I are working a lot and only get so much vacation.  This makes the times we do get to spend together so special.  On Thursday after work Terence and I drove my new car (yes-I got a new car!).  We had to put the Avalon down after 11 years, she was sooooo good to us!  We ended up buying a Hyundai Sonata & so far I’m really liking it.  We drove the whole trip and didn’t have to fill up until we got to Arkansas.  Amazing gas mileage!

So we got in late Thursday, oh, and about 5 hours into our trip we realized we forgot basically all of our clothing.  We had fold up clothes and undies….but yup… clothes!  So the next day we drove to Little Rock to meet my sister.  We visited with Bonnie, Jarrett, and Vinny for  awhile and then went back to Conway.

Later that evening Mom & Dad took us out or a birthday dinner at Marketplace Grill.  YUM.

Saturday we woke up early and drove to Nannie’s house.  I love the farm.  It’s the one place I consider constant in my life and so many wonderful memories have been made on the farm.  There’s no place like it.  It’s nice to get away from the city and soak up the fresh air and see stars in the sky.  Nannie fed us chicken and dumplings, fried squash, fried taters, roast, and so many other fixens I can’t even remember!

We decorated Papa’s grave for Memorial Day:

D7K_1635Mom, Nannie, Me, Aunt Karli, and the boys


Blowing out  our birthday candles

We have a lot of May birthdays


Lindsey- 17, Me- 32, Terence- 32

D7K_1600 D7K_1604 D7K_1615

Some pictures of the farm:

D7K_1589 D7K_1591 D7K_1588We rode to the spring on the 4-wheelers

The boys loved it!

D7K_1560 D7K_1561 D7K_1565 D7K_1534 D7K_1574

The boys picking out rocks at the creekD7K_1576 D7K_1584

Best view everD7K_1587

Playing in the spring water

It comes out of the mountain behind there…..D7K_1556 D7K_1557 D7K_1550 D7K_1540 D7K_1483 D7K_1496 D7K_1497 D7K_1498 D7K_1494 D7K_1489 D7K_1487 D7K_1499

On Sunday night we stayed with our good friends Kristin & Nate.  We miss them so much!  Had a great time with them and their kiddos and we found a turtle in the front yard!D7K_1653 D7K_1654 D7K_1656

Birthday dinner night 🙂SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI love this picture of Connor and my Dad




Then it was off to Texas again….sigh….SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

We had a great visit and a few days off.  Hope you all had a blessed Memorial Day!

xo Becky



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  1. Great pictures! I’m glad you got to see your sister. I am sorry that your Nannie has had a rough year, but so happy that she is doing much better. You really have the cutest family.
    And, will re-add your blog. I am so confused with all of this blogger change. Yours disappeared from my feed….

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