Contrary to popular belief I don’t carry my big honking fancy camera everywhere I go.  I wish I could, but it’s heavy and large and all that stuff!  Someone invent an HD camera for our phones will ya???

I’m loving Instagram.  Let’s face it we live in a very “visual” world.  We like to see pretty pictures and share them with our friends 🙂  It’s a lot of fun!  And ahem…..Pinterest…..need I say more???

So here’s a little glimpse of the last month or so via my life Insta-style

Connor before schoolIMG_20130509_075321 Work clothes #ootd (out-of-the-door)IMG_20130508_123252

Connor and his #sipface

Instagram yourself with your Starbucks and tag with #sipface to see everyone’s faces!IMG_20130507_082700 Bling Bling bracelets from VeryJane or Groopdealz???IMG_20130506_153653

A couple of weekends ago we rented a canoe and rowed down the river.  Connor LOVED it!  He said he saw sharks and snakes and alligators!!! Ha Ha!!!  What an imagination….I love this age.  It was so much fun, minus the sore shoulder for a few days….I can’t wait to do it again!!!IMG_20130505_132742 IMG_20130505_132651 IMG_20130505_132524 IMG_20130505_132456 IMG_20130505_132313 IMG_20130505_123802 IMG_20130505_113520

My favorite color: GREEN!  I got the striped tank at another daily deal online and the green cardigan at Nordstrom at NorthEast mall 🙂  I have curvy bootie too….my favorite jeans if you have curves are definitely Joe’s Jeans!IMG_20130504_081030 I loooooove this skirt from Kiki La’Rue.  It’s so soft and breezy for summer.IMG_20130501_181809 IMG_20130501_085312 IMG_20130430_173854 Love Bug cookieIMG_20130430_124215 IMG_20130428_124632-picsay IMG_20130428_124248 IMG_20130426_172200 Michael Buble’s new album…good, but hardly any original songs???IMG_20130426_081255 IMG_20130423_091843 Another Kiki La’Rue find!IMG_20130422_182037 Awesome sauce coffee mugsIMG_20130422_122602 IMG_20130422_122555 J.T.’s new album A+++++IMG_20130422_082131 My child’s apparent hidden talent…stuffing cars between his toesIMG_20130407_111804 Hope ya’ll are having a good week!

Happy HUMP day!IMG_20130419_184716



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  1. Krysten
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    Holy man with all the pictures! You definitely look good in green and I love your bling bracelets!
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