Are you “Buggin” This Summer?


A couple of weeks ago we met our friends Adam & Christa for a canoe ride down the Trinity river in Fort Worth.  A local outdoors store does this on the weekends and you can rent a canoe or a kayak and it’s SO much fun!  My boys love to be outdoors:  camping, hiking, boating, you name it they want to do it.  My girly girl self has had to get used to being in the outdoors.  It’s not that I don’t like being outside….it’s just I HATE bugs!  Ick!

If you live in Texas then you remember the West Nile plague that hit us last summer.  I was afraid to walk out my front door without spray.  I couldn’t even watch the news because it was so scary!  I definitely didn’t want my little boy being exposed to West Nile and getting sick.  At his age all he wants to do is play outside.  Protecting your skin from bug bites and getting eaten alive is super important.


Before we went on our canoe trip we loaded our car with Cutter insect repellents.  No matter how sensitive your skin, or what kind of protection you need from the outdoor monsters mosquitoes, Cutter has an option for you.  It’s so easy to use, just spray repellent on exposed skin, spreading the product with your hand to improve protection (mosquitoes can detect an unprotected area the size of a dime!).  Cutter brand is an innovator in mosquito protection and has a family of personal repellent options to fit a variety of needs.

To help reduce buggies around our home try these useful tips:

• Eliminate standing water around your home/in outdoor areas you are
spending time in. It is a huge attractor for mosquitoes! Get rid of containers that aren’t being
used, empty water from flower pots, change water in birdbaths and maintain clean gutters.

•Make sure window and door screens are in good condition — install or repair where necessary.

Before we headed out on the river I covered myself in Cutter Dry Aerosol spray.  I don’t like things that have a strong smell, or make me feel sticky.  This was the perfect option for me and I got the protection I needed from the bugs outside.  Cutter’s new water-based, corn starch formula leaves less residue than the competition and has a light, clean feel on your skin.


We used the Cutter Natural Insect Repellant on Connor.  When it comes to my kiddo I want the safest thing out there on his sensitive skin.  Cutter Natural Insect Repellent is DEET-Free, repels Mosquitoes For Up To 2 Hours, and includes natural active ingredients (geranium oil).


Now we are ready to have some fun!

Adam & Christa in their kayakD7K_1337 D7K_1340 D7K_1357 D7K_1322 D7K_1305 D7K_1303

We had the best time…..and the best part is I don’t think any of us got one bug bite 🙂D7K_1382

Cutter not only provides great products for your skin, they also make an entire product line of yard and outdoors protectants.

Cutter Backyard Bug Control Sprays
• Kills mosquitoes and other annoying insects
• Controls up to 8 weeks on outdoor surfaces, even after rain
• Cutter Backyard Bug Control Ready-to-Spray treats up to 5,000 sq ft
Cutter CitroGuard™ candles
• Perfect for outdoor entertaining
• Easy to use in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes
• Made with real citronella oil (proven to repel insects)
• EPA-registered citronella candle

Think of it this way: You wouldn’t send your kids out in the sun for the day
without sunscreen, so don’t send them to camp, or even to play outside in
the yard, without insect repellent.


Some  facts about mosquitoes:

  • Did you know people with fair complexions are more attractive to mosquitoes than those with ruddy skin.  Well, that explains why I always get eaten alive!  I’m as white as snow!
  • Men tend to be more attractive to mosquitoes than women (with the exception of most pregnant women). The CDC cites PERSONAL REPELLENT USE as the single most effective way to reduce your risk.
  •  Spray repellent on exposed skin and clothing, spreading the product with your hand to improve protection.
  •  Pay special attention to protection during prime mosquito-biting hours (usually dusk to dawn) or avoid being outdoors.

Cutter’s recommended Zones:

Zone 1
Zone 2
Deck &
Zone 3

What could be lurking in there…….eeeeeehhhh!!!!D7K_1401

My favorite Cutter outdoor product for our yard is the Vanilla Lavender Citronella Candle.  It smells great and detracts mosquitoes.


Thank you Cutter for protecting us and our families this summer!  Now we can sit back and enjoy ourselves without worrying about bugs or getting sick 🙂D7K_1404This post was sponsored by Cutter.  I was compensated for my time and provided with Cutter products for review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I live in the DFW area too – what store/website do you go through to do the canoes? My husband and 4 year old would love to do it!!!

  2. Mosquitoes torment my husband and kids!! My 7 year old son gets eaten alive, and the bites turn into quarter-sized welts. It’s insane!

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