Chuck E Cheese….25 Years ago…


I just posted Connor’s first trip to Chuck E Cheese….


How about these gems from almost 25 years ago?


Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese with me and my twin sister Bonnie.


Mom made us My Little Pony cakes


And we were just as scared of Chuck as Connor was on Saturday…what is it about that darn mouse?

 Oh gosh I loved the 80’s.  I’ve reconnected with so many military friends on Facebook and that has been so cool!IMG952399




3 thoughts on “Chuck E Cheese….25 Years ago…

  1. I used to love it for my bdays, too! It was Showbiz pizza back in Austin, Texas back then for my 5, 6, and 7th birthdays. 🙂 My birthday tradition was to go get a stinky perm RIGHT before heading out to my reserved birthday party at Showbiz pizza. Chuck E Cheese robotic characters and all!!! Skee ball, pizza, and pitchers of soda! Yeehaw!! 🙂
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    1. Oh my gosh I know Jenn and things have changed so much since those days!!!!

      I love Chuck E Cheese. Didn’t it used to be Showbiz Pizza?

      xoxo Becky

  2. There was a kid in my 3rd grade class that had a birthday party there and it was seriously the best birthday party EVER. Totally makes me miss being a kid.
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