Box it Up!

Yesterday we received our monthly box from Citrus Lane.  Citrus Lane is a box to door service where they care package for your child.  You just go online and fill out a profile and each month you’ll get a box full of goodies!

I think we’ve been getting them for almost a year now and have really enjoyed it!  Some of the products are so new they aren’t even on the market yet.  It’s fun to try new things out I normally wouldn’t notice myself, and sometimes those things are what I end up liking the most!

This paint book was really cool!  Each page has its own paint palette for that picture… no mess and just the right amount of pain 🙂

D7K_0568 D7K_0571 D7K_0574 D7K_0575 D7K_0576

Genius!  Why didn’t I think of that?



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