Too Cool For School

Connor started a new pre-school this year and he’s really loving it.  One of his favorite things is having his independence and his own cubby to put his “things” in.  He gets so excited when he goes to his cubby every day.  

He’s a typical 3 year old.  He loves carrying around all his toys with him all the time!  Everywhere we go.  So, with Connor starting school he needed a backpack to store all those tiny toys and maybe even carry a few pull-ups of his own now. 
PatchPak sent us this fun new backpack to try and Connor hasn’t taken it off since.  I kid you not, he literally loads it up with toys and take it with him everywhere.

Just look at that face???

Is he excited or what! ha ha!

Connor picked the color, green, his favorite.  PatchPak also has a wide variety of patches you can buy to customize your own backpack.  Your kids can pick out the first letter of their name, their age, or a picture they like.  PatchPak has large and small backpacks, lunch packs, and binders to customize.Read More

If I Die First….

I leave the house for ONE weekend and it seems like the vomit fairy sprinkled all her crazy dust over my family.  We’ve pretty much been hibernating since Saturday.  I left for Blissdom on Thursday and all is well in the world.  Then Friday after Terence takes Connor to the dentist and his 3 year check up (I know he’s a good Daddy!) I get a call telling me Connor started throwing up all over the Doctor’s office and in the car.

That’s when it all rained down….I know T had to have been tired of cleaning up barf all weekend.  So, I left the conference a little early to get home to my sick baby.Read More

Come Dine With Me

Dinner parties need be neither exhausting nor daunting. The key to successful, stress-free entertaining is all in the planning and preparation.
If you’re relaxed and ready to welcome your guests, then your good mood will set the tone for the entire evening. Friends will be buoyed by your good humor and feel at ease in your company, allowing for an enjoyable evening all round. Your menu choice and meal preparation is only part of the battle.  Rushing around at the eleventh hour, laying the table and hunting for linen isn’t conducive to a calm and welcoming environment.
It’s often the littlest details that have the biggest impact. Clean table linen is a given but it’s also important to iron your tablecloth and napkins. Don’t spoil the effect of a pristine table with mismatched crockery.