Happy New Year! Lets Get This Party Started!

Happy 2013!!!
I’m glad the world didn’t end.  Seriously.
I hope you didn’t go out and spend your fortune on 1,000 Slurpee’s at 7-11.
Only God knows the time and date.  Can I get an amen!
Looking forward to a wonderful year of memories and moments shared with family and friends.
Looking forward to starting a BIGGEST LOSER BLOGGER competition!
Who’s with me?  (I’m begging here like Jerry McGuire) I need motivators and supporters.
I’d also like someone to help me facilitate these weekly biggest loser updates and link ups. 
If you are game and want to participate please leave a comment below so I’ll know how many of you are interested 🙂

The Java Mama

(I drank waaaay too many eggnog lattes this Christmas!)




29 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Lets Get This Party Started!

  1. I’m in!! If you need help linking or help with hosts let me know, I’ll help! I definitely need someone to keep me motivated and to hold me accountable. This seems like a great way to do that!

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