Connor’s Closet Makeover

Our little boy is growing up.  Along with that he has surplus of tiny cars and toys galore.  Every year The Container Store puts there Elfa shelving on sale.  We almost bit the bullet last year and did this…but finally we got it done and I think it was a GREAT investment!  
Instead of getting him a dresser we wanted to do built in drawers in the closet.  This way they are out of the way and he has more space to play in his bedroom.  He was thrilled with it too!  We are working on not climbing the shelves!  Now we have a place to put all his toys, clothes, and tiny cars.
I’ve done some re-arranging since these photos, but overall I’m very happy with it!

Some other things I wanted to note:

  • I wanted to share about a fundraiser for Aaron & Abby Willis.  “Aaron & Abby Willis delivered their first baby boy, Jonah Bentley Willis on February 1st, 2012; he was stillborn. God blessed them with another sweet baby boy, Harper Bailey Willis. Abby went into preterm labor & delivered Harper on October 18, 2012. They were blessed to have Harper for 3 and a half hours until he joined sweet Jonah in Heaven. The doctors later discovered that Abby has a bicornuate uterus & have advised Aaron & Abby that they do not need to get pregnant again, but that …a Gestational Carrier would be a way for them to have their own child. The money raised through this fundraiser will go towards Aaron & Abby’s IVF and Gestational Carrier expenses.              Please help us help Aaron & Abby in realizing their dream to bring home a child of their own to love here on Earth. Cookbooks are $15 each. For anyone that wants their cookbook shipped once it comes in, please add a flat shipping rate of $5 to your order.                                                      Please MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE to Sarah Murphy (Baby Willis Acct). Payment/donations can also be made via Paypal to”  FACEBOOK SITE
  •  Also really loved reading Kristen’s post today…mother to mother you should never judge someone’s decision to have only one child.  And if you do then keep it to yourself.
  • I have really enjoyed reading all of your Blogger Biggest Loser posts!  Ya’ll are doing so awesome!  I saw a lot of you using the “My Fitness Pal” App.  I am going to try that and see how it works!!! Thank you!!!!



11 thoughts on “Connor’s Closet Makeover

  1. wow! his closet looks awesome!!!

    and I often feel judged for the one kiddo thing, really. mind and God’s may change one for now, it is not in my heart!

  2. love how his closet turned out! We just bought some plastic bins at Walmart to expand the storage in Brayden and Connor’s room. Not near as fancy, but it does the job for now. I think later one when they outgrow the bunkbeds we’ll probably get them nicer furniture. For now, when they are in the destructive phase, we figured sterilite storage totes were the way to go 🙂

    PS– you’ll get judged no matter how many kids you have. People were so surprised to find out we were having one more, and I still get comments about why I wouldn’t want to have one more. Bottom line, it’s not anyone else’s decision to make but you and your husband and the Lord.

  3. Love the Closet!!!! It looks fantastic. Thank you for sharing the stories, My heart goes out to Aaron & Abby Willis. And I enjoyed Kristen’s Post.

  4. You get judged no matter how many kids you have. Even though I think giving Lauren a playmate for life is great, we still get asked if we are having another. People just don’t get Todd is never home so it’s 90% me. Some people need a muzzle 🙂 His closet looks great!

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