Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

We had our 2nd annual ugly Christmas sweater day at work Friday.  Luckily, Kindra’s future mother-in-law was a 3rd grade teacher so she brought the mother load of ugly Christmas sweaters for us all to choose from! 
Kindra, Mimi, and Dawn.  Aren’t they so pretty..ugly?
 I bedazzed my sweater a little bit more :-)

I also got this awesome t-shirt from Donkey Tees.  It has one of my favorite Christmas movie quotes on it….ha ha!  I love Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and Christmas Vacation.  Those are all musts!  Donkey Tees has some of the funniest shirts!

I have one of these shirts to giveaway to a reader!!!
To Enter:
Just leave a comment!
I will choose a winner on Dec 28th!



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21 Responses to Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

  1. Cammie says:

    Love it! Merry Christmas

  2. Lindsay says:

    haha! Love this shirt!! So much fun!

  3. Love that movie and that saying!!

  4. Amber says:

    Ugly Christmas sweaters are so much fun!

    Annnd, I’m loving your shirt. Home Alone is one of my faves!

  5. That is my favorite christmas movie! And, such a fun day at work- ours is Thursday, and I have nothing!

  6. Heather Chandler says:

    OMG! Happy Tshirt give away! And I NEED this shirt! What a great movie filled with nothing but trouble and hilarity. Love it!

  7. Ashley M says:

    Enjoy watching A Christmas Story, Home Alone and Christmas Vacation!! Just the best movies this time of year!

  8. amanda says:

    Love the shirt! Such a fun movie. Some friends and I watched Christmas vacation every day for a month in college. Lots of great quotes there too.

  9. Okay A) So fun, you all did an AWESOME job.


  10. Jennifer says:

    You work at such a fun place – I love how you’re always having parties and dressing up. Makes work less work-ish! (o:

    I love Home Alone – and Home Alone 2! Hilarious – great shirt! (o:

  11. AGH I’ve been DYING for this shirt!!! Home Alone’s one of my favorites and I’m always saying that. Hoping to teach V that one day. hahahaha jk 😉 And I LOVE that y’all had a ugly sweater day, so fun! I wish my coworkers were fun like that 😉

  12. Trac~ says:

    Aww I love these – too funny! The tshirt is my most favorite though! I love that movie during Christmas! :)

  13. Amber Maddux says:

    you always are the belle of the ball!!!! LOVE IT :)

  14. Becky says:

    What a fun party!!

  15. Ha! Love it! I need to throw an ugly sweater party one of these years.

  16. Ha! Love it! I need to throw an ugly sweater party one of these years.

  17. Brigid says:

    “And a happy New Year.”

    haha, just had to finish the quote. Classic. That is one of the best shirts I’ve ever seen!

  18. Your blog is so fun and your family is so darling! I’m following now. :)

  19. Andrea says:

    That is a great quote from Home Alone. Great t-shirt.
    Everyone looks so festive.

  20. OH. MY. GOSH. I would die if I won! Home Alone is one of my all time favorites. My little brother really loves it, too, and we run around quoting it all year long. :) I’ve seen it circulating on Pinterest and absolutely NEED to have one! HA! Merry Christmas! :)

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