Shake Yo’ Groove Thing!

Connor starts gymnastics tonight and I think he is ready! Ha Ha!

On our way to following up Justin Timberlake….he LOVES to dance!

Look at those fabulous deals from GroopDealz!!!! I am dying!  I love those camera strap covers!

Also I have set up a Facebook “official” page for this lil blog…it would be still my heart if you all would go “Like” it 🙂 Thank you so much!



7 thoughts on “Shake Yo’ Groove Thing!

  1. I haven’t commented for a long while on your blog (I gave birth to our daughter Naomi 2.5 wks ago and she was stillborn, so I’ve been staying away from bloggers who have newborns or multiple kids-but I LOVE yours :), but I just love this video of him dancing. SO reminds me of Sam and his little dancing. Such a cute little family you have.

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