Our Mantle & Other Randoms

I’m linking up with Kellys Korner for mantles day!


Here is how our mantle looks most of the time:

And at Christmas:
Next year I may add some garland or something!

I think I may have found my dream kitchen.  I ran across this photo the other day and I fell in LOVE.

 In other randoms:
I am so excited about Naomi Watts playing Diana in the upcoming biopic.  I think she’ll do a great job!

Not quite sure I like the new fashion trend of “vent holes” in sleeves?  I mean I just don’t get it?  It looks like the sleeve is ripped???  I do like the jumpsuit on the right…but it would never look good on me!  These are on Zulily today…..

 We took Connor to a play place sort of like Chuck E Cheese the other day and he loved it 🙂

Daddy’s been on vacation and they brought be coffee on Wednesday!  I love it when my booger comes to see me at work.

Don’t forget to enter the $50 Starbucks giveaway for the month of July!!! 
Cheers to all and happy weekend!!!!



5 thoughts on “Our Mantle & Other Randoms

  1. yeah vent sleeves weird me out. I tried one on not too long ago at TJ Maxx and about fell on the floor laughing. They look so… awkward. haha!

    Love your mantle!

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