The past few weeks via INSTAGRAM style!


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 My “I need coffee face”       
Adorable Christmas pjs from Smockadot kids    
My 2nd Diamond Candle I ordered “CUPCAKE”
Citrus Lane kids box for the month of July!
Lots of great goodies 🙂 
 Connor trying on hats at Sam Moon
Mama trying on bling bling and a fedora…I liked it but didn’t buy it!  Was only $10!!!

 Mom always has to get a Dr. Pepper Slurpee from 7-11 because they don’t have those in AR!

Nannie and Connor after his bath.

 My new makeup bag from Maven…I am in love with it!
 Connor’s first gymnastics class

Pretty rainbow on the way to work
 Enjoying my first Starbucks in a week…..
McDonald’s dip cones
Connor loves Chipotle
I’m trying to color block here with the orange and pink…eh?
Also- new earrings from Maven…love that store!
 Mom and I getting ready to shop at Sam Moon!
Connor has cars in his hands at all times!

 Pretty chandelier!

What have you been Instagramming???

A DFW Blog Meetup + Our Weekend

Friday night I had the pleasure of meeting so many fabulous bloggers in the DFW area!  They were ALL so sweet and I can’t wait until we all get back together again. 
Here we are….gulp.  I don’t know why I was making that face or if I was talking about something…but ya know…I totally photo bombed this photo!
 Our fab desserts
I got a s’more and it was delish!
Thanks to Meagan for taking these great pictures!
If you live in the DFW area & would like to take part in meet-up events go HERE or HERE
Some more sweet gals!
You all are just precious!

This weekend we ate dinner at my in-laws house with all the cousins.  Connor LOVES getting together with all his cousins.  It’s so hot outside, but the kids love playing outside.  I am SO ready for fall!!!!
Sweet niece Ellie
I don’t think there is a passenger seat in this car???
My angel
Connor swinging with cousin Benjamin. 

We also got him The Polar Express to watch and he LOVES that movie…but since I’ve seen it 5 times this weekend I think I am going to hide it until Christmas! Eeeeeek! 

Love the weekends with my family….they are my heart.

Olympic Cupcakes

There is probably a reason I’m not a “food blogger”.  I love to eat and bake…but I ain’t the best at it ya’ll!  I just sounded like Paula Dean there….

 Here I was trying to get the the Olympic spirit…so I made these simple cupcakes with M&M’s:

Then…..they started slip sliding away…..
As long as they TASTE good right?
I do not like canned icing so I tried a new recipe.  It tastes great, but was a little runny.
I’d give this tryout a 7/10 🙂