Brain Dump Post

I took a few photos of my little Cookie Monster last night.  He’s getting so big & every day is more fun than the last.  The only thing is lately it’s become quite hard to drag him out of bed in the mornings.  It’s just AWFUL!  He screams and hollers and wants to continue to sleep.  That’s when the guilt trip usually sets in that I have to get him ready, including myself and make it to work on time….with God I can do anything right?

We also got our album I had made on Shutterfly of our Europe trip.  I loved the way it turned out!  It had almost 100 pages in it!  Do we like photos much???  I look forward to many more travels with you babe!

I don’t know if any of you have tried this.  When my Mom was visiting she told me about this vitamin called “Carnosine”.  She saw it on Dr. Oz and it’s supposed to enhance brain function amongst other things.  I’ve been taking them for a few weeks and I can’t tell a difference, but was wondering if any of you heard of it and have tried them?

A few weeks ago I got my new hiking pack.  I love the color!!!  Yay TCU!!!

Now we just have to plan a camp trip and I can load this baby up with some goodies 🙂

I can’t wait until fall….these 110+ degree days are getting to me & honestly I don’t know if I could stand it very long outside now???  But when the cool weather comes back I am game!

FUNNY STORY:  We went to visit Amber and the boys last week.  I was getting our things ready to go.  Amber kindly cooked us dinner and we had a good visit.  She seems to be doing well. 

Anyway….she was running her son Kylon a bath and we were literally gone for 2 minutes and I walked back in & Connor was in the tub with Kylon with ALL his clothes on (including shoes & socks)!!!  So what do you do???  We just stripped him down and the boys had a bath together!  LOL! 

Connor has been talking about Kylon all week and  how he wants to go back and play 🙂


Hope ya’ll are having a great day!



31 thoughts on “Brain Dump Post

  1. You just reminded me I have a free Shutterfly book to create today!!! Love all the pictures, your little man always looks so happy!

  2. I think that is a phase that the kids go through. I know Kross went through the same thing for a little while to where he would scream and throw fits when it was time to get up in the morning. Hopefully it doesn’t last long!

  3. He is getting so big! And seriously…those curls…CUTE!!!

    Oh my, I love your travel photo book. I reallly should do that for our trips. I’m pathetic about scrap booking and putting albums together.

    Happy Thursday!

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