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We finally received our first Wittlebee box!  Yay!  I was so excited about this because it was a surprise….you don’t know what you are going to get.  Wittlebee is a site where you answer questions about your child: size, age, style, color choices.  Then a stylist will talk with you about what you like.  You pay $19.99 and get a box full of clothing each month!

For the $19.99 price I believe you have to use a coupon code: “50

Here is what Connor boy got:

He was really into trying on his Daddy’s boots from Iraq.  It was so funny!

We got this plaid shirt, which I love, but I can’t remember the brand…it’s not something I have heard of.  It’s really cute on him and well made.

 Kenneth Cole swim shorts for summer
 Knit shorts from Carters & Children’s Place
 Gray polo and plaid shorts from Children’s Place
Two solid t-shirts from American Apparel
They were very soft cotton

I was very pleased with my first box and I think we got a lot of cool stuff for $20 bucks!  Thank you Wittlebee!!!

(Wittlebee has no idea I’m talking about them…I just think this is too cool!)



4 thoughts on “Wittlbee Box

  1. YAY!!! Looks like you got some great stuff – I signed up through their Plum District Deal a few weeks back and can’t wait to get my first box!!! Thanks for sharing all of the good stuff you guys got!

  2. My 1 year old just got that grey shirt and plaid short set for his birthday last week. SOOO cute. Can’t wait for him to wear it! 🙂

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