Mother’s Day 2012

We didn’t have a very traditional mother’s day this year.  I picked up Connor on Friday after work and he was burning up.  When I got home we took his temperature and he was running a really high fever.  He was pretty whiny and cuddly all weekend.  Saturday Terence took him to the pediatrician.  He did a strep test and we got some antibiotics.  Yesterday morning he finally started acting more like himself and we were pretty happy about that! 🙂  Poor kid hardly ate anything…that is the only thing that worries me when he gets sick, I worry he’s getting enough to eat.  It was hard to get him to even drink water. 
On Sunday we finally got out of the house and we took a few pictures outside:

Oh Lord thank you for this child you’ve so lovingly given to me….I pray I can raise him right…and his life is used to honor you.

Terence & Connor got me this sweet Willow Tree figure.

I also got a Godiva cheesecake and just about made myself sick.  It was worth every.single.calorie.  Ha ha ha!  I’m sad we didn’t make it to church, but they don’t like sick babies in the nursery :/  I love my little family so much, through the good times and in bad.  I have the most loving husband who keeps me in line & loves me with all my faults and I have a precious son.  I’m thankful to God every day. 

I hope ya’ll had a great mother’s day too!
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xoxo Becky



12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2012

  1. I sure hope Connor is feeling better ((hugs)). I love Willow tree…my collection means a lot to me 🙂 There are a few new ones I really want ‘our gift’ and the nativity. That’s not much right?

  2. beautiful pictures! I, too, am so thankful for the privilege of being a mama. I kissed my curly-haired boy many, many times yesterday! : )

    happy mother’s day!

  3. Poor Connor! Jacob had a random fever come and go on Friday and Saturday, too. I hate when these guys are sick! You look so gorgeous in those pictures…love love your necklace!

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