High Five For Friday!

It’s finally Friday.
Amen. Amen. & Amen.
Last night after work our office got together at Alice’s house. Her husband used to work in our office…but died suddenly last year 🙁  She is the nicest person and she seemed to be doing really well!
These are some of the fab ladies I work with and some spouses of co-workers as well.

Alice has an AMAZING house.  She let us all walk around and tour it.  One of my favorite things was this GIANT pencil in the corner.  Their style is so eclectic and modern, everything flowed so nicely together.

Thoughts:  I have this mirror that has been sitting in a closet for a couple years now.  I wanted to turn it into a chalkboard for Connor.  Can you spray paint on top of a mirror?  What color should we paint the frame?

We got our Citrus Lane box in yesterday as well.  This month’s theme was “fun in the sun”.  I am loving getting our box of goodies every month and so is Connor boy.

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Hope ya’ll have a great summer weekend!



7 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. I have GOT to check out Citrus Lane? So cute! I think you can spray right on top of mirror. We have sprayed on top of glass before! That is going to be so cute. I think any color, but I partial to off-white with the chalk boards, or any color that matches his room! New follower 🙂

  2. Turn that mirror into a chalkboard, girl! I don’t see why you couldn’t…I turned a picture frame into a chalkboard by painting the glass with spray chalkboard paint. As for the frame, what about a fun color that would match his room? Red? Cobalt blue? Something fun!

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