Chalkboard Fun

Well, I told ya’ll I was wanting to turn an old mirror that has been sitting in our closet for a few years into a chalkboard for Connor.  It worked out great and I think he’ll like playing with this and we can also use it to learn letters, shapes, and numbers!

Here is what the mirror looked like before:

I used Martha Stewart chalkboard paint seen here:

The paint went on sort of gloppy….I kind of wish I went with the spray on chalkboard paint instead.  Has anyone used that?  I’ve also heard if you prime the bottom layer you’re painting with black paint you don’t have to brush on as many coats.  It’s not perfect by any means….but I think it turned out good!

As you can see we had a lot of fun with our new chalkboard 🙂

Terence was not too crazy about the color, but I think this is one of those things where you can be daring and use a color you normally wouldn’t!  So I went for something bright and bold!



12 thoughts on “Chalkboard Fun

  1. I think it turned out great!! I love the color. I’ve never seen that Martha paint but I love the colors it comes in. 🙂 I’ve also never painted on a mirror but I have painted on glass…you are right, it takes a LOT of coats.

  2. The mirror is awesome! I have the paint-on chalkboard paint…it’s a pain. When we painted the glass of a picture frame, we opted for the spray-on kind of chalkboard paint…SO much easier. But, I think your project turned out GREAT. I love the pop of color from the frame.

  3. Awesome!! I <3 the colors!! My sister just painted a wall in her kid's playroom with chalkboard paint & it looks really cool. I kind of wish they had this stuff when I was little. Connor looks like he is having a blast with it!

  4. That was a great idea. I used one end of a counter in my kitchen and painted it with chalkboard paint. The g-babies love it. When they aren’t around, my husband and I write notes to one another ! It is a great paint and so many ways to use it.

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