{As Seen on Shark Tank}

Have ya’ll seen the TV show Shark Tank?  It’s on Friday nights and it’s one of mine and Terence’s favorite shows.  A couple weeks ago they had a toddler sippy cup on called “Lollacup“.

Oh my gosh the idea is ingenius!  It’s a sippy cup with a flexible straw & has a weighted end that anchors it in the liquid, so young children can drink effectively even when the cup is tilted.  Why can’t I think of things like this???

Anyway, after the show ended I got online and ordered one.  We love it so far and it works perfectly.  The straw stays weighted in the water, so no matter how your child tilts the cup they are able to drink every last drop!  Amazeballs!

 You can also remove those handles on the cup too
 Okay folks I’m outta here…..
 I have more important things to do 😉



9 thoughts on “{As Seen on Shark Tank}

  1. we love that show! It is so fascinating to watch some of the awesome (and craaazy) things people come up with. The Lollacup was genius.

  2. We love that show and it’s our Friday night ritual to watch after Parker is in bed. I saw that cup and could not remember the name so thanks for sharing, I need to get one for P!

  3. Cute pictures-now my must know question, does it leak?? Sippy cups are the bane of my existence, especially ones that leak. Please tell me it doesn’t leak:)

  4. good to know! i’m ordering one!!! we just went to the dentist today and he said it was best to use sippy cups with a straw instead of a spout (helps bypass the “liquid” running over their front teeth or something like that…)
    anyway, i’m SO not ready for libbi to drink from a “real cup” in any room besides the kitchen – ha! so this is perfect!! thanks for sharing. 🙂
    and the last two pictures made me laugh 🙂

  5. My husband and I love that show. I saw this cup and thought it was really neat, I just ordered one for my Godson’s birthday since I don’t have kids.

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