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31 Years- Birthday Recap

I had a great birthday yesterday.  You know for a Wednesday and all.  I feel like we already celebrated when my parents were in town.  I remember in my twenties thinking the thirties were SO old.  And here we are…..I’m sure one day the thirties will seem SO young!
Anyway….here is a recap of the day. 
My sweet sister in law helped Connor make me this turquoise necklace and I LOVE it!  She said he loved stringing on the beads and it means so much knowing the love and thought that went into this.  It’s also the first thing Connor’s ever made me and I think he did pretty good (with a little help from Auntie)  😉 

Work was pretty busy yesterday, but we were able to pause for some yummy cupcakes from The Cupcakery.  I work with the nicest bunch of folks and they know the way to my stomach that is for sure!

Ter-Bear got me another Longchamp bag I’ve been eyeing.  I loved the bright blue one we got in Paris, but I wanted a darker color.  FYI-if you get a light colored one of these bags it shows everything so I would suggest a darker color.  He got me the graphite color.  I’m not quite sure what “graphite” is??? 
 It sort of looks navy/grey/blue.
I love it!
Connor and I stopped and got our “coffee” yesterday morning
He also got a little haircut last night…the fro was kind of out of control.

We then left and went to PetsMart to look at fish and birds (entertainment for a 2 year old).  Connor got a haircut.  We went grocery shopping at Super Target and I made some food for a work potluck today! 

That’s about it!  These days it’s just like a regular old day…but I do feel so blessed and God is so good!

Thank you for another year and the blessing that you all have been to my life!

Memorial Day Memories

I had a long four day weekend and it was exactly what I needed!  My Mom & Dad drove to visit from Arkansas and spoiled us all rotten.  It was so good to see my Mommy & Daddy I miss them every day.  If you live close to your parents don’t ever take it for granted. 

They drove up on Friday and got in pretty late.  I took off work Friday and cleaned my house from top to bottom.  I also had a little photo shoot with my friend Jenne and her cute kiddos that morning.  (FYI-I got covered in chiggers from laying on the ground taking photos….been itching like crazy!!!) Yikes!

Saturday morning Mom and I went shopping at Wal-Mart & Super Target.  Then we took Connor to a splash park.  He had a lot of fun!  I wish they had one a little closer to where we live and a little cleaner too :/  Regardless it was a cool relief for the hot Texas summer day. 

That night we went to Olive Garden for an early birthday dinner.  Our family loves the Olive Garden!  We always go there when we go out to eat.  I got a black tie mousse cake for dessert.  I’m turning 30-ish-er-ONE tomorrow…..

Yay for PicMonkey!!!!
They now have collage making available on their site!

Fun with Daddy and Poppy at the splash park

Sunday night we all ate dinner with Terence’s family and had some yummy BBQ hamburgers.  All the kids got to play outside and we had a good visit with both our families together in one place. 

We also went to Abuelos on Monday night before I had to start back to work today.  I got another yummy free birthday dessert and Connor loaded up on cheese dip.  If there is one thing I know….this kids LOVES some cheese. 

Nana & Poppy got Connor a motorcycle and that’s all he can talk about right now.  He LOVES his motorcycle 🙂  Can you say spoiled?  Connor says “Thank you Nana & Poppy for the motorcycle, clothes, DVDS, swimming pool, and sugars and hugs”  I miss you already!  He’s been walking around the house going “Nana??? Poppy???  Where you go?” 

Connor watching A Bug’s Life with Poppy 🙂

Connor wanted Nana to hold him all the time.  He loves his Nana! 
Doesn’t my Mom look great ya’ll?  She’s lost over 30 pounds in the past year!  Hot Nana!

 We love you all and had the best visit! 


Come back soon!!!




Becky, Terence, & Connor



If only we could all be this relaxed eh?

Oh the joys and peacefulness of childhood.  Having your every need tended to and even having someone to wipe your own hiney!  And then you grow up…..

Well, most of you know by now that I suffer a lot from anxiety

There are some things I do to try to relax and it helps tremendously:

1.  Take deep breaths….in….out…in….out…..sounds simple but just controlling your breathing helps!

2.  Massage.  Oh Lordy if I could have a massage every day I would!  I beg Terence to give me one all the time because I sit at a desk all day and Lord knows that doesn’t do a thing for my posture.  I got an iNeed from Brookstone a few years ago and keep it at my desk at work.  LOVE IT.

3.  Get lots of SLEEP.  It’s so important that you get sleep. Make time for it.

4.  Let things go.  I stress about the smallest things.  It’s stupid stuff like taking the trash out or if a cabinet door is open I have to close it.  Just try to let things go.  Your nails don’t always have to look perfect and your hair doesn’t either.  Those close to you will love you anyway 😉

5.  Diet and exercise also play a tremendous role in your mental and physical health.  I’m not doing so hot on these lately.  I go in and out in phases.  Lose weight, then gain it back.  But I do notice when I am making a conscience effort to eat right and exercise I do feel better.  (And a little chocolate cake doesn’t hurt every now and then 😉

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Sneaky Peeky For Jenne

Memorial Day

May we remember all those who fought and died for our country today. 
Because of them we are free to live.  Thanks be to God for all those brave souls.

I encourage you to go read this post as well……in reflection of today.