"That’s Dope"

(Lady GaGa who???)

Today I’m channeling my inner “Turtlenecks and Chains” & showing you what I think is “dope” 

I love me some Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake.  I think if Andy leaves SNL I’m gonna cry!

I may turn this into a link up because I want to see what you think is dope too…

And no, I’m not channeling my inner 80’s diva or Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle…I just like the word yo!

My and my boy : “That’s dope”
Connor eating chalk: “That’s dope”
(or not……)
Learning our name: “That’s dope”
My kid’s fro: “That’s dope”

Wearing Mom’s flip flops: “That’s dope”

Making decorations for a baby shower this weekend: “That’s dope”

Paying under $5 for each one: “That’s dope”

Tissue paper flowers: “That’s dope”

Cute chalboard signage at Target $1 spot: “That’s dope”

Melamine plates 50% off at Hobby Lobby: “That’s dope”

Our first DFW blogger event planned for May 3rd…….”That’s dope”
What do you think is dope today?



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