Personal Style Choices

During the summer I love to wear lightweight clothing. Lots of loose, flowy, chiffon type tops. Here in Texas it gets so hot I don’t want to wear something heavy that causes pit stains!

I don’t consider myself a “fashionista”.  To be honest I get intimidated by a lot of the fashion bloggers I read about because they have such great style.

Below is a sampling of some things I love.  These are things I would probably gravitate towards while shopping.  I also have to ask myself “Is this something I can wear to work as well as on the weekends?”

Let me ask you this : 
How do you find your fashion voice and cultivate your personal style?
For me I think I’m inspired by watching other people around me.  I read magazines and blogs.  I don’t try to fit into something that isn’t me.  But I don’t want to be in Mom jeans either.  I like a relaxed, yet stylish look.  What about you?
summer inspiration

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3 thoughts on “Personal Style Choices

  1. I struggle with taking the time to be a little fashionable and just grabbing the first thing I can LOL! And it is so blasted hot here it is hard to care about cute sometimes when you just want to wear nothing! I love those Armani pants- the flow in them, I bet they look amazing on!

  2. Those clothes and acessories are so cute! We have similar weather in Australia. It is now April and still 30 degrees (celsius) every day where I live. I bought all these cute winter maternity clothes and I probably won’t get to use them!

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