New Look & Updates

So as you can see I’ve changed the name of this ole blog.  And I am also going to change the domain name to soon so if you would PLEASE update your linky-poos when the time comes I would very much appreciate it!

(Right now I can’t figure out how to change one custom domain in Blogger and re-direct it to another custom domain in Blogger???)  If you know can you HELP???

I really wanted to get away from using our actual names and do something a little bit sassy and this seemed to fit my style and blog.  It’s going to take awhile to get everything the way I want it…but it will happen EVENTUALLY!

I am also in the process of updating the Starbucks posse on the sidebar.  If you would like to be included email me at

Have a great days sweets!



15 thoughts on “New Look & Updates

  1. I love the new looks. I think the new name for the blog fits perfectly. The header is cute and simple. I think it is great.

    And I love your haircut. I love short, sassy cuts.

  2. Love the new look and name! I actually did the same thing two years ago, my blog name used to be A Day In The Life of Karen. I think my blog just reconnected to the new name, something in the dashboard to click on??? I can’t remember it’s been so
    Long. I eventually bought the karenathomeblog domain name.

    Hope that helps!

  3. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I really enjoy it and this new look is great! I love the name as well and you’re hair is cute…

    Cue the stalker music! LOL!

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