Abundantly Blessed : Easter 2012

I hope you all had a very blessed Easter!  We had a great weekend.  Time spent with family, good food, and memories made. 

My kind of weekend 🙂

We had a great service at church.  It was very crowded!  It’s nice to see that many people in church, but it’s also sad that the seats aren’t filled like that every Sunday.  Then it thunder stormed the rest of the day.  I made cajun pasta for lunch, Connor & I napped, and Terence went to Home Depot.

I’m feeling so blessed this year.  I have a loving husband, a sweet little boy, and a beloved family.  We both have jobs, a home, and cars.  We are blessed beyond measure, yet I am so undeserving of any of this….I’m so not worthy.  Thanks be to God that he gave us Jesus, for without Him and his risen life we would not be here.  Thank you! Thank you Lord!

Here is my family 2012 :

 Before church and the rain this morning
(I got my hair done chopped off this weekend.  It’s a lot shorter, I’m getting used to it and I love it!  My friend Jenne does a great job, if you live in DFW email me at beckylbranch@gmail.com if you want her info)
 My boys

On Saturday with got together for dinner and an Easter egg hunt at Granna & Pop’s house.  We let Connor open his Easter basket a little bit early so he could use it for the hunt

 All the EGGS 🙂
 Getting ready to let the kiddos take off!

 Cousin Lesley is so much fun!
 Great Granddaddy & Nell
 Abundantly blessed….

Hope you had a great weekend!  I’m so blessed to know you all and pray that God will continually bless your lives as well.  xoxo – Becky



10 thoughts on “Abundantly Blessed : Easter 2012

  1. Not everyone goes to church each week.
    If you a true Christian you don’t actually need to attend church .
    Why go to church with a bunch of people who are mostly sinners and only go to protect their image.

  2. Rude!

    Don’t let it get to you, B. Beautiful pics! Your afternoon sounds a lot like ours. Church was nice then a relaxing afternoon. We actually had 65 degree weather here in Washington! And, I love your hair short, it is super cute.

  3. Love the hair! We also had a packed house at church yesterday. Sam I both said the same thing on the way home about how some only come once a year. They heard a great message so maybe something will stir inside them!

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