Rest in Peace Brett

Please pray for my precious friend Amber and her family right now.  Amber is one of my best friends here in Texas.  I actually met her a couple years ago when she found my blog.  I encouraged her to start a blog and she did HERE.  You may also recognize her because she went with me to the Drybar event last week.  It’s hard when you move somewhere new and don’t have a lot of friends.  Amber and I hit it off immediately and I am so thankful for our friendship and the love she’s shown towards me and my family. 
She means a lot to me……
Her husband Brett recently took a job about 5 hours away.  He’s in the oil and gas business and you travel  where the money is.  So they visited on the weekends together.  Amber drove to see Brett with the boys this past weekend.  On her way back home she got a call from the hospital saying Brett had been in a car accident.  A lady ran in front of his motorcycle…..he died of blood loss yesterday from the accident.  I can’t believe he’s gone.  At 27 years old. Gone.
Amber has a 3 year old son named Kylon, and a 4 month old little boy named Kayden. 
Please pray for healing for their family and that God would give them peace during this time. 
My heart is aching for them and I know they can feel all your prayers right now…..
I know she’s still in shock and a ton of things are running through her mind right now.  Pray for peace and understanding.  We don’t know God’s plan and why things happen, but I do know everything happens for a reason and everything will work according to God’s will.
Amber and Kylon last year :

Amber and I love Starbucks :

Brett last Halloween….silly goof!

This picture was taken a couple days ago during their visit together :

I love them to pieces ……



23 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Brett

  1. Oh my goodness. My heart breaks for this precious family. May the Lord be with her during this very difficult time. Prayers are being said for your sweet friend.

  2. My heart breaks for Amber, her babies and all who knew Brett. Thank you so much for sharing. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers! Much, much love.

  3. This story leaves me in shock . . . I just can’t imagine going through something this awful. I’ll say a prayer for Amber and her family and hope that by some miracle, she finds some kind of peace. So sad. No one should have to go through this.

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